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About TicketCo

Event payments has always been a hassle. It no longer is. TicketCo is transforming a world of fragmented, unwieldy ticketing and payment solutions into a smooth, user friendly ‘all in one’ event organiser tool packed with benefits. We are doing this via innovation and technology, and through this we are building a better world for both event organisers and their customers. Our innovation and technology is underpinned by great people and we are always looking for more talented people to join us. 

Our culture

TicketCo is an innovator and a disruptor. It is a company where we value and invest in our people. Our greatest asset is our team. 

We want to continue to deliver positive change in the event industry and to do so we need ambitious people. We are a team that is always nurturing, learning, improving and excelling in what we do. We look after each other and our customers. 

We are respectful of each other and other peoples’ opinions. We behave in a joyful but respectful manner. Everyone counts at TicketCo, regardless of titles. We are inclusive, progressive and supportive. We push boundaries together, as a team. And have fun along the way. 

Our ideas, customs, and how we behave when working in TicketCo is our culture. We are a multi-national and multi-talented team. Everyone who joins us becomes a very important bearer of the culture of TicketCo. Our culture helps people flourish. 

Our values

As a company we have some values close to our hearts that everyone embraces. They represent who we are and how we define ourselves as people. We follow our values in our work and it underpins how we think and behave. Collectively it ultimately defines how TicketCo is perceived as a company. 

So it is important that our team relates to and is feels aligned to our core values, which are: 

  • Honesty

We say things how they are. We are transparent. We don't beat around the bush. We are genuine. 

  • Engaged

We are curious and interested. We are diligent and we care. In our team members, in our customers, in our suppliers, in our market place, in our technology.  

  • Innovative

We are not afraid to ask questions and challenge. We try to be creative. We try to solve puzzles and customer problems. We try to figure out how to do things in the best way possible. We innovate to create solutions for our customers, it is what we get out of bed for. 

We spend time educating new colleagues about our values and ask them how they relate to them. 

A rock star team!

As an SaaS company we create bits and bytes. We are builders.
To enlighten potential customers we promote and learn from them.
To help our customers achieve increased success we assist them.
To make sure we have control over what we do we crunch numbers.

The sum of this is a company with a great R&D team, sales team, marketing team, operations team and finance team. Together we are one TicketCo-team. 

We excel at facing and overcoming challenges and when you join you will be working with other skilled people. 

We believe everything is possible if we work hard enough and that things can be learned.

We are multinational

Our hubs

We operate via different hubs in multiple territories. 

TicketCo’s HQ is situated in the city centre of Bergen, Norway’s second largest city and cultural capital. This is where the company was founded in 2012 and the first clients joined the year after.

Our marketing team and finance team operates from the Bergen hub.

We have a full stacked R&D team situated in Lviv, Ukraine.

Our sales and operations teams are distributed into hubs in Bergen, London, Stockholm and Amsterdam. We are also about to open a hub in the US.

We strive to be a ‘digital first’ company and work quite a bit remotely. We believe the future of the modern worker is a person who want autonomy and flexibility in how they achieve their work assignments.

Even if TicketCo is at the forefront of creating virtual products for our customers we do not believe a physical interaction can be replaced by video calls only. We believe the future is a hybrid scenario where team members meet up and interact in one of our hubs.

Since we all need to interact across different territories we use English as our everyday language at TicketCo.

TicketCo AS
5006 Bergen Directions post@ticketco.events +47 854 24 988 View page


Keizersgracht 391a
1016 EJ Amsterdam Directions post@ticketco.events View page


TicketCo UK Limited
EC2A 3BS London Directions post@ticketco.events View page

San Francisco

94103 San Francisco Directions cm@ticketco.net +4793458247


TicketCo Sweden AB
118 26 Stockholm Directions post@ticketco.events View page

How we improve the event industry?

The event payment platform

Our event payment platform is the backbone of TicketCo. With a pioneering technology we offer an all-in-one solution for events and venues to sell more, faster and easier while successfully mastering access control without the need for costly hardware, licenses and equipment. TicketCo is simple to implement, cloud-based and designed as a user-friendly self-service platform. 

By providing a frictionless payment journey for the public and a single point of administration for the event organiser, TicketCo is creating the best value for both users and organisers. Through TicketCo organisers can sell both tickets, food and beverages, merchandise and accommodation.

TicketCo Media Services

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the event industry faced a massive disruption when events shut down.

The biggest asset of the event industry is it's cultural capital. Covid-19 disrupted the event industry possibility to convert it's cultural capital to financial capital due to barring of physical gatherings of audiences.

TicketCo has always been, and will be, a very customer driven focused company. True to our values we looked at how we could make a virtual outlet for the cultural capital that could be monetised by event organisers.

This saw the birth of TicketCo Media Services in 2020, a series of cloud-based solutions that are integrated with the payment platform and designed to offer event organisers a simple and affordable way to deliver high quality pay per view (PPV) live stream and video-on-demand (VoD) content.

In a world of fragmentation, the flawless TicketCo and TicketCo Media Services integration enables a unique all-in-one solution for safe and high quality monetisation and distribution of digital content.

Are you a rock star?

Open applications welcome

As a fast growing company within a vibrant industry, TicketCo is always open for new talent and established industry experts that can push the company even further. Regardless of whether we have an open position or not, you are welcome to get in touch and show your interest in a role at TicketCo at any time.

TicketCo nurtures talent and provided an environment for you to maximise your skills and network. If you are connected, talented, inquisitive, and ambitious we want to hear from you. 

Please note we limit our recruitment to our existing hubs. At this stage this means that applications from outside of the Euro zone, UK, US, Ukraine or Scandinavia will not be considered. 

You will work in a multinational company with a global TicketCo culture, and you will need be aligned with our culture and values. You need to speak fluent English.  

If you fit the bill and want to take part in our journey on making a dent in the event industry, then please get in touch. We are always keen to connect with great people.  

Already working at TicketCo?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.


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